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I haven’t posted, mostly because it’s been one of the most important summers of my life, but mostly because I’ve been running two different crowdfunders for two different companies.

The one for my Parisian business ends in a few hours, and I would love your patronage, should you be so kind to donate.

I’ve been taking a short vacation away from Paris and though later this week I will be heading to London to witness the referendum, Paris is still on my mind.

So here’s my thoughts on the strikes and why you should still come here.

It arrived quickly in perfect condition just as advertised.

You arrive, bringing with you the book you are currently reading (you have to have started it).

The format will be similar to our normal speed dating events but the idea behind literary speed dating is that everyone discusses the books they are reading and why they like them.

That means I’m doing what I wanted to do: sharing things that matter to me and to others.

(NEWSER) – A sociologist's research into women and book clubs will no doubt be interesting for the women themselves, but it might be more interesting for those who hope to date them.

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