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To ensure you have the latest information on current eligibility standards, you will need to contact your local recruiter.While much of what you see below doesn't change much, the opportunities for getting a waiver for a disqualifying mark varies depending on what recruiting region you are in and the current state of the economy.The military are world renowned for their organisation, courage, presentation, commitment, physique and the list goes on!

Introduced in 1981, the Harrier was the first Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) jet aircraft in military service and will continue to be until it is replaced by the F-35B in the mid-2020s.

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Bad news about the F-35's combat capabilities, development, and its cost is nothing new.

We've already reported on several bumps in the road for the fighter, including its dogfight with an F-16, potentially dangerous ejection seat, limited arsenal, and more! However, it's not all bad news - the F-35's stealthy external gun pod, which will be carried on the Marine Corp's F-35B and the Navy's F-35C, has finally been tested!

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