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Dating Coach Aaron Adamson is currently working in tandem with 25to help you to make the most of your speed dating and post speed dating experiences.

The personality test is designed to learn more about the type of traits you have and how likely you are to mesh with people with similar traits or your polar opposite. Most people tend to want someone who shares their values with similar traits to them.

Through video chat sessions, Toronto Wingwoman will honesty help you evaluate your past dating experiences and figure out what exactly you want and need.

Working with you we find out what barriers might be in place that are stopping you from finding love.

Still there are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from for every niche. But you do get those stretches of perfect, moderate weather in early summer and late spring.

I’m not an expert in Toronto nightlife as I primarily teach daygame. And it tends to be sunny most of the time, rather than cloudy.

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I’ve never had a bad reaction, or bitchy attitude (knock on wood).