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DALnet has always considered the well being of its users to be of paramount importance.This ideology has led to the development of extensive online and offline help systems over the years for users in need of assistance.From mailing lists to #Oper Help, DALnet's staff works diligently to serve its community of dedicated users.DALnet's existence depends solely upon the goodwill of others.This handy page can also answer questions you may have about how Quakenet works. Below is a brief outline of the rules for the channel. Please make sure you've read all of the Quakenet rules.5) Adult Language is allowed, but insulting is not. 7) When in doubt, OPs (People with the @ symbol) hold final and complete judgement.

We feel many good things lie ahead and we look forward to seeing you online!

Active X, being a Microsoft technology provided limited compatibility for other products.

The other major platforms beside Internet Explorer that MSN Chat was supported on, was Netscape Navigator and MSNTV (formerly known as Web TV).

Please keep in mind you are entering a public channel. That means don't take several lines to not say much, and don't say the same thing over and over. 3) Colored text is allowed, but abusing it will result in you being banned.

You can and will be asked to change an offensive username. A lot of people use their League names in order to make it easier to group up and play together, but it's not required. It won't save your nickname, but it will allow you to talk in the channel when certain modes are set, and allows you to keep channel permissions that mods of any channel on quakenet may set. 4) Quake Net doesn't allow pornography, racism or nazi-related comments or links.

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Microsoft used another SSP known as Gate Keeper Passport, that worked from the same method but required certain attributes related to the user's account.

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