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Tons of mistletoe overhead, and a smirking yami smack-dab in front of him. Bakura knows Ryou loves him -- they share a mind-link, after all.

It's not hard to guess what Marik wants, but where did he get all that mistletoe anyway? But it's really getting to him, and Bakura has to decide if he feels the same way about his hikari.

Yami believes that Seto is the most beautiful man on Earth.

At first Yugi wishes he'd never agreed to help, but when certain feelings come to light he changes his mind...

I have been noticing that there needs to be a Seto Serenity archive for fanfics and poems so I figure people who like this couple can post their favorite stories here and stuff like that. Oneshot Seto Kaiba's daughter is more like him then he wants when it comes to technology, which results in him being locked in her room with her to confront his greatest fears, parenthood and tea parties. Joey and Seto still fight but what will happen when Seto pulls Serenity into the middle of their fights?

But now that Bakura has been sentenced to spend eternity in the Shadow Realm, Ryou realizes he can't live without his yami. Malik is a bit confused by what's in his living room. The evening starts off boring, but add in a pair of 'naughty' dice and things get interesting...

only the purest and most genuine stories allowed.......Xserenity. Is she really willing to go through with bringing her husband back? shizukaxseto Not wanting to back down on Mai & Anzu's dare, Shizuka enters a contest. Spending a whole 'week' at Pegasus's mansion: No expenses.

love triangles with the two are allowed Serenity takes a job testing Kaiba's latest virtual game, and finds herself in a magical world of Kaiba's design. How will her boyfriend & brother deal with it when after all, impossible odds, she WINS?

He is asexual and the only person in the world he "likes" is his brother.

Also he is always mean to her, and when a boy is mean to a girl that means he likes her!

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